Vehicle Safety Testing Vehicle Safety Testing

Vehicle Safety Testing

Tesscorn provides Sled Test Facilities that perform reverse accelerating linear shock tests to simulate physical crash conditions. The sled delivers accurate and repeatable results, with pulses precisely correlated to full scale crash, legislative and CAE test pulses. Sled testing enables vehicle development and type approval for regulatory purposes, and sign-off against varied global standards. In addition we offer Crash Test Facilities dependent on the specific requirements of the car manufacturer or governmental regulations including different barrier impact, pole, side or rear impact, car to car and roll-over tests. We also provide facilities for ultra-fast testing of headlamps; a very important device for the safety of driving in the dark. A far field goniometer, photometer and illuminance meter allows synchronized measurements for luminance and far field on a high level of accuracy and compliance checks according to ECE / SAE / ICAO / FAA regulations.