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About Us


Tesscorn founded in 1993, has over the years, developed a network of suppliers, providing unique technologies and products in diverse applications of Motion Analysis and Automotive Safety Testing & Certification. We pride ourselves on the valuable relationships we have developed with our research, industrial, automotive and defence customers over many years with a focus on offering innovative solutions and assisting them in the best way possible. For our customers research and development form the process which transforms an idea into a product and innovative new technologies are actively pursued and evaluated based on a long-term vision, a symbiosis which enables maximum efficiency in product development.


Tesscorn supplies unique solutions for high speed imaging applications including defense, automotive, engineering, science, medical research, industrial manufacturing and packaging, sports and entertainment, and digital cinematography for television and movie production. Application experience includes airborne weapon systems with 6-D Motion Analysis software, state of the art LED, fiber optic and HMI Lighting Systems, lens selection for the best results, triggering strategies, analysis of high-speed imagery, and more. Our High-speed infrared imaging research applications are in the areas of ballistics, supersonic projectiles, explosives, combustion processes and lasers.

Automobiles must be thoroughly tested as per regulatory requirements to ensure the overall safety and performance of the vehicle.
Crash tests and photometry testing play a crucial part in making automobile traffic safer and drastically reducing the risk of injury to human occupants. Tesscorn delivers state-of-the-art test laboratories and technology to achieve these vital goals. We offer the ServoSled, a simulator designed to test occupant restraint systems, vehicle and aircraft seats and all other interior vehicle components, either in subcomponent- or full body-in-white-testing. An innovative propulsion system allows the set-up of the most complex tests, such as whiplash testing or side impact simulation.

Tesscorn provides research equipment to perform engine emission testing programs, size and chemically resolved characterization of exhaust particulate matter (PM), Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) analysis, on-line emission measurements, stack emissions, multi-metals continuous emissions monitoring, greenhouse emissions, and vent emissions monitoring and analysis, remote emissions measurement and more. Measurement solutions include particle detection, sample conditioning, non-destructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, real-time and gravimetric detection of concentration and particle size distribution.