Webinar: Full Vehicle Crash Testing

July 18, 2020

A crash test is one of the most complex and expensive development tests in the field of vehicle safety due to its high material and measurement technology cost. However, full scale vehicle testing continue to be an important part in the vehicle development process. The crash test with a complete vehicle represents the completion of the verification phase during the development of a new vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers need to install testing equipment in their own crash-test facilities, allowing them to develop products that meet the full range of requirements of vehicle testing authorities in the future as well as build safer cars. Advances in vehicle safety with respect to structural, interior, and restraint system components have contributed to the reduction of fatalities and injuries over the years. Vehicle manufacturers are further required to evaluate real world accident configurations, impacts with roadside hardware, light weight vehicle designs, and new challenges that will be posed by autonomously driven vehicles in the future.

SEATTLE SAFETY, USA (SESA) provides crash testing facilities according to the customer requirements and with a wide range of test configurations. Their efficient crash facility could do classic crash tests, vehicle-to- vehicle collisions from all angles and crash tests with heavy duty trucks and buses. The tests allow manufacturers to measure Anthropomorphic Test Dummy (ATD) injuries and to validate passive safety features including restraint solutions and car body structures against legislative requirements. The SESA facility includes Multiple track solutions, Crash block, Crash Arena with movable Crash Block, extensive transparent pit area for filming underneath vehicles, controlled braking capability, Landmesser closed loop control system, Outdoor ditch test track, LED-lighting systems etc.

We hoped you enjoyed our webinar “Full Vehicle Crash Testing” as much as we did! If you weren’t able to make it, catch our replay